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Proposal for OA Publishing of Research Papers on COVID-19 in CNKI
To editorial offices of academic journals on medicine and health:
At present, China is courageously fighting against the COVID-19. Driven by the expectations of the whole country and even the whole world, Chinese medical talents have urgently launched all-round research on issues such as disease prevention and control, pathology, clinical diagnosis and treatment, and the development of new drugs, sparing no effort to make key technology breakthroughs as soon as possible and to completely defeat the epidemic. As the researches move on, more and more new achievements will be made in the near future. The research is not only a particularly important project but also a severe challenge for the medical circle of China and the world. Therefore, it is urgently necessary to publish the latest domestic and foreign research achievements as soon as possible and to provide timely, comprehensive and systematic knowledge services to the public and the professionals both at home and abroad, which is also a major responsibility of Chinese academic journals on medicine and health and relevant online platforms and also provides an important opportunity for China’s development of world-class research journals.
After deliberation, the Chinese Medical Association Publishing House, the Chinese Preventive Medicine Association, Chinese Medical Doctor Association, China Association of Chinese Medicine, Chinese Medical Association, and China Academic Journals (CD Edition) Electronic Publishing House Co., Ltd. jointly advocate to mobilize the journals affiliated to these associations and the outstanding academic journals on medicine and health across China, especially the journals that have already started online-first publishing in China National Knowledge Infrastructure (CNKI), for immediate action. In particular, great efforts will be made to focus on the research on COVID-19 as a major topic, to organize open access(OA) publishing of high-quality and high-level research achievements in CNKI, to apply research achievements to the fight against the epidemic as soon as possible, and to facilitate the wide spread of research achievements across China and the world. The cost for open access publication and related services will be completely covered by CNKI.
The associations and CNKI will jointly select preeminent journals to launch the OA online-first publishing on this topic. The journals involved shall abide by relevant national regulations and requirements. The manuscript shall meet the scope and requirements of the topic selection and records, and the publication quality shall meet the national standards.
A new Chinese-English section of OA publication on “COVID-19” will be presented in the homepage of CNKI (, terminals of CNKI Express, and Public Health Knowledge Service Platforms for disease control, medical treatment, and pharmaceutical industry. A Chinese-English editorial team is responsible for the review and publication of online-first publishing research papers and related services will be provided. The team also gather public opinions after the papers are published and give the feedback to each journal. English-Chinese bilingual publication is recommended, and CNKI will provide bilingual OA online-first publishing platform for each journal for free. For details, please contact us.
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