Online Publishing Date:2018-07-18 17:23

The U.S. Logic behind the Sino-U.S. Trade War and China’s Responses


Sino-U.S. trade war is essentially a political problem instead of an economic one. The United States has three purposes in launching this trade war against China. The first purpose is to rewrite the rule of games in world economy by breaking the multi-lateral system and employing the bi-lateral system to the best advantage of the U.S.,whiling binding China to low-end industries. Secondly,U.S. wants to reconstruct the world’s industry chain by weakening China’s position on the chain. And last,U.S. wants to consolidate the West "United Front". The trade war marks means the beginning of a new stage of strategic game in Sino-US relation. This misfortune, however, may be a great opportunity for China, who has learnt an important lesson from Trump’s protectionism,that is,China must accelerate its pace of mastering core technologies to change its passive situation in world economy.

贸易战; 中国制造2025; 中美关系;

Trade War; Made in China 2025; Sino-U.S.Relation;