Online Publishing Date:2019-03-18 15:22


Based on the blockchain overall architecture,the technology stack hierarchy is introduced.Bitcoin is used as an example to analyze the blockchain working principle.The blockchain ledger storage model and ledger classification are described from the perspective of distributed ledger.The data in the blockchain is spread across the network through consensus algorithms,reaches a consensus and is stored.In the absence of a trusted third party,this paper uses smart contracts to achieve independent operation of transactions,bussinesses and distributed applications to ensure the integrity,security and legitimacy of blockchain data.It combines the hash algorithm with the Merkel tree to reduce the blockchain storage space,provide anonymous identity proof for the blockchain participants based on the digital signature algorithm,and further protect the blockchain data privacy by using encryption and decryption technology.In view of blockchain security,privacy protection,wallet management and other issues,the deficiencies of the current research and the direction of future research are analyzed and forecasted.

国家自然科学基金(61672166); 上海市领军人才项目(16XD1400200); 上海市科技创新行动计划(16JC1402700);

区块链; 密码学; 共识机制; 智能合约; 隐私保护;

blockchain; cryptography; consensus mechanism; smart contract; privacy protection;




Computer Engineering



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